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At Paradigm Publishing, we believe that an artist who is successful in reaching the public in one medium, should also reach an audience of dedicated readers through book publishing. That philosophy is at the heart of what we do in the book division of the agency: we work with clients who are active in multiple media platforms-television, film, the internet, and retail business-to develop book properties that will build and enhance a client's brand.

That's why we brainstorm with our colleagues in each division of the agency, drawing on their experience and expertise in film, music, and theater to develop successful book careers. Paradigm's East and West Coast divisions work closely to coordinate our artist's careers, to time the release of a book with a new album, the upcoming season of a television series, or capitalize on the media from a film release in order to turn a book publication into a multimedia event. Paradigm has developed innovative and groundbreaking books that tie-in to television series; we have coordinated a book's publication with Grammy Award winning artist's album release and tour; we have developed books that grow out of a client's retail franchise.

In addition, Paradigm is committed to developing the careers of up-and-coming literary talent as well as our most respected, award-winning authors in both fiction and nonfiction. Paradigm has a proven track record servicing all aspects of a client's literary career, providing hands-on editorial guidance and working closely with publishers to ensure that writers gain a competitive edge in today's publishing marketplace.


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